Car Window Poetry offers a project-based learning lesson plan, as well as a variety of classroom materials to help you guide your students in understanding the power of their words and sharing them for good.

Download your project-based learning lesson plan!

In this project-based learning lesson plan, students will use Car Window Poetry to pick a word that represents them and create poetry to leave on unsuspecting people's car windows.

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Along with your students, use these downloadable Car Window Poetry cards to share poems on car windows in your community.

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Led by Founder & Chief Sharer Alex Lewis, our Skype workshops guide students in discovering the words that matter to them and the impact they can have when they go out and share those words.

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Founder & Chief Sharer Alex Lewis has spoken to thousands of students about the power of words and value of making a big difference in people's lives through small acts of love. Invite him to speak at your school!